Lok 2502 003-2 Blue Tiger

Uit Condor Spoorwegen Lansingerland
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Model:IN OVP IN BOX 10

           Catalogusnummer: 2718 BLUE TIGER  
           Fabrikant: MEHANO
           In dienst : 19-05-2010
           Herkomst: MTE
           Bijzonderheden: analoog?


           Bouwserie: Blue Tiger
           Bouwjaar: 1996 - 2000
           Nummer: 2502 003-2
           Fabrikant: Adtranz
           Asindeling: Co' Co'
           Functie: goederentransport
           Maximum snelheid : 120 km/h
           In dienst: 1996


           Power type 	Diesel
           Designer 	Adtranz / GE [1]
           Model 	DE-AC33C
           Build date 	1996–2004
           Total production 61	
           UIC classification 	Co'Co'
           Top speed 	120km/h[3]
           Power output 	 2460 kW[3]
           Tractive effort 	starting: 517 kN[3]
           The Blue Tiger (manufacturer designation: DE-AC33C) is a type of high powered
           diesel-electric locomotive developed by AdTranz in association with General Electric.
           The prototype was unveiled in 1996.
           Initially the axle load was expected to be a light 18 tonnes and the power at
           ~2500 kW[4]. In practice, the  locomotives had an axle load of 21 tonnes 
           (which is normal for this type of diesel locomotive).
           General Electric supplied diesel engines and electrical transmission system 
           (which utilised IGBT-based inverters driving AC traction motors). The rest of the
           locomotive was built by AdTranz in Kassel.
           Bombardier took over AdTranz in 2001, subsequently the Blue Tiger locomotive was shown
           at InnoTrans in 2002[5] with a view to European orders. The German production models
           had a mass of 126 tonnes (axle load 21 tonnes) and an engine power of 2,430 kW.
           As of 2009, the class is no longer listed as a production model by Bombardier; GE lists
           also lists the family as a former production type[6]. For the European market, 
           Bombardier produces the less powerful diesel variants of the TRAXX family, whilst GE
           offers variants of its Evolution series for export.